Defender X Tactical Pen

Defender X Tactical PenThis Pen Is Mightier

As we all know, pens have a set of traditional uses. Of course, their main function is to write. We keep them on hand in our homes, pockets and purses so that we’ll always be able to jot down a note or write a check. However, in our current age, people are looking for more utility out of every accessory. The Defender X Tactical Pen rethinks this simple tool. Some call it the “Swiss Army Knife of Pens,” owing to its incredible versatility and handiness. Keep reading and we will explain what the Defender X Tactical Pen is, and just why you might need one even if you’ve never heard of it before.

Let’s start with the most familiar functionality. The Defender X Tactical Pen works extremely well as a writing utensil. It certainly surpasses any pen or pencil we have come across. Sturdy and hefty, its solid composition is great for writing, doodling or scribbling. The Defender X Tactical Pen features a long-lasting ink cartridge that rarely requires replacement. Despite its wide variety of features and uses, this pen is not all that much larger than a plastic pen you might carry around normally. This is all part of an advanced and high-tech design. Convenience and portability were at top of mind in the development of this innovative gadget.

What Else Does Defender X Tactical Pen Do?

Of course, you’re not here reading about this pen because of its ability to write. Let’s be honest, any pen can do that. So what makes the Defender X Tactical Pen an accessory worth checking out? The true unique value comes from its various capabilities that go above and beyond. One of the most convenient features that Defender X Tactical Pen offers is its powerful LED mini flashlight. Accessible with the quick click of a button, this beam of light is perfect for any time you need to locate something in the dark. It’s far brighter and more expansive than the chintzy lighting device you might find on a keychain. That’s because it uses a top of the line LED bulb.

Defender X Tactical Pen Specs

The beauty of the Defender X Tactical Pen is also in its tremendously durable composition. Built from military grade aluminum, this accessory is virtually indestructible. Notably, it utilizes a window shattering tip design. So if you ever need to break glass or escape from a sticky situation, this simple pen could be a lifesaver. The Defender X Tactical Pen is completely waterproof so you never need to worry about damp conditions suppressing. You could even write legibly while rain pours on you or while you’re underwater… presuming the surface you’re writing on is up to the task. Your tactical pen will always be ready.

Defender X Tactical Pen Features

  • Most durable writing accessory in existence
  • Built from aircraft aluminum
  • Fully waterproof design
  • Features a powerful LED lighting device
  • Convenient and extremely portable

Personal Defense With A Pen?

Let’s face it. In today’s world, protecting yourself and your loved ones is harder than ever. Anywhere you go, you might come across restrictions as far as what you can have on your person. But the Defender X Tactical Pen is a simple, subtle tool for self defense. Because any time you run into a tough situation, you will be extremely happy to have this accessory on hand. Its strong design and capabilities as far as wielding it for protection are without parallel.

Where To Get Cheap Defender X Tactical Pen

We’re not going to lie. The manufacturer’s suggested retail price on the Defender X Tactical Pen is rather egregious. Is anyone really paying $116 for a pen? Even if we’re talking about one with this device’s solid construction and innovative capabilities, then it’s still a leap. But you won’t pay that much for it anywhere we can find it. Varying levels of discounts are available around the Web for the Defender X Tactical Pen. The best one we’ve found is through the link below, where you can easily order yours and save as much as 75 percent. Buy a few at once in order to really pile up the savings. These deals won’t last long, so make sure to get yours today!

Order Defender X Tactical Pen

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