Crossfire Lighter

Crossfire LighterCheck Out This High-Tech Windproof Lighter

The Crossfire Lighter is one of the most innovative and sleek accessories we have encountered in some time. By using an electronic mechanism and doing away with the old butane lighting method, this windproof lighter presents a safer and more effective method of capturing a spark when you need it most. Whether you’re attempting to start a fire, light a cigarette, burn a thread or any whatever the requirement, the Crossfire Lighter is a superior option to any of the standard traditional products. It has been named the Best New Gadget of 2016 by T3 Magazine, and has also been hailed by safety and conservation organizations for its eco-friendly operation.

Many of us have been in this situation. You’re trying to light a cigar, or spark up some kindling for a fire, but the wind is swirling and whipping from every direction. No matter who you configure your body to shield your lighter, nothing works. With its revolutionary cross-current electrical method, the Crossfire Lighter is immune to this issue. If you’re out exploring, camping or hiking and you don’t want to be constrained by the elements of nature, this is an invaluable accessory to have on hand. Compared to standard butane lighters, the Crossfire Lighter is far more capable in conditions such as wind, rain, cold and snow. Plus, it is extremely portable and easy to use.

Crossfire Lighter is a Safer Way

Most people aren’t aware of this, but the butane chemicals used as fuel for lighters are actually quite dangerous. One study from the UK discovered that more than half of all deaths occurring from solvent chemicals can be traced to butane. Inhaling or coming into contact with the substance can be very harmful for humans. Not only that, but if you’re like me, you have had a cheap plastic lighter explode in your hand before, spraying chemicals everywhere. If you were lucky like me, you came away unscathed, but this can be a very dangerous situation. The Crossfire Lighter does not use butane or any chemicals. It uses a rechargeable electrical mechanism. Therefore, Crossfire Lighter is safe for you, people around you, and the environment.

How Does Crossfire Lighter Work

The flameless technique of the Crossfire Lighter was developed over several years by experts. They created an electric lighter with the widest lighting surface available, enabling you to spark a wide variety of different items. Cigs, twigs, cigars, hemp wicks, incense sticks, candles, kindling and rope are all among the common objects used in conjunction with the tactical Crossfire tactical lighter. One of the best aspects of the device is that it uses no fuel or depleting power source, so you’ll never need to refill or replace anything. Simply plug it into an electrical outlet through the included USB charger for a short while once every few weeks (or longer, depending on usage frequency), and the Crossfire eletric lighter will be ready to go.

Crossfire Lighter Features

  • Butane-free electric lighting source
  • Doesn’t use harmful gas or chemicals
  • Flicks on instantly with the press of a button
  • Virtually immune to wind, rain, cold and other conditions
  • Lightweight and portable but extremely durable

Is Crossfire the Best Cigarette Lighter?

As we’ve discussed above, the Crossfire Lighter has a sizable range of utilities. It’s a great outdoor and camping accessory, as well as a perfect tool to have on hand for daily needs. However, undeniably the most popular use for this device is as an electric cigarette lighter. Smokers obviously have more frequent need for a lighter than almost everyone else, and windy weather can make the experience highly frustrating. With its reliably instant lighting capability in any elements, the Crossfire Lighter is a favorite for those who step out and spark up on a regular basis.

Find Crossfire Lighter Discounts

We’re not going to lie: while we like this product and review it very positively, the original price tag is simply too high. It is an expensive lighter to manufacture due to the high-tech circuitry and premium components, but still, paying over $100 for a lighter is a bit difficult to justify. Luckily, right now they are offering some incredible sales, including a 75 percent discount available through the link below. Click now and you’ll be able to acquire the last lighter you will ever need for less than $30. Act today and shipping costs will be included:

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