Credit Card Companion

The Essential Multitool

The revolutionary Credit Card Companion from Tool Logic is one of the handiest products we’ve seen, serving a wide variety of purposes while offering incredible convenience. This compact credit card holder amazingly features nine different essential tools that can assist you with a vast array of daily tasks and necessities. It’s great not only for the outdoorsman or the hands-on crafty individual, but also for anyone that doesn’t want to lug around a wallet or purse but is looking for an innovative method for carrying their credit cards, insurance cards, driver’s license, and so forth. When it comes to utility, the Credit Card Companion is an unsurpassed personal accessory.

Weighing in at just 1.4 ounces, with dimensions of 3.375 inches by 2.125 inches, the Credit Card Companion is a thin and easily portable multitool that is sized perfectly for all of the cards you carry around on a daily basis. It is built from durable ABS plastic and easily fits into your pocket or wallet. The Credit Card Companion is a sturdy and reliable piece of equipment, and you won’t need to worry about bending or breaking it if you sit on it or drop it. This is essentially the new age Swiss Army Knife, and is helpful to have on hand in many different situations. Read on and we’ll dive into some of the specific tools contained within this awesome device.

Credit Card Companion Pocket Knife

The tool that stands out most among the assortment that can be deployed from the Tool Logic Credit Card Companion is the folding knife. This two-inch serrated steel blade works tremendously well and can cut through many different materials — such as rope, twine, fabric and more — without difficulty. Whereas most pocket knifes lack the sharpness that most people require, or become dull very quickly, this blade is razor sharp and built to last. With a little maintenance, such as removal of debris and routine cleanings with a mild solution along with a light coat of oil added after each cleaning, the blade will continue to function optimally for years, ready to be flipped out whenever you need it.

What Else Is In The Credit Card Companion?

Outside of its ability to house your credit cards and ID while also doubling as a pocket knife, the Credit Card Companion also wields a number of other useful built-in tools. Those include tweezers, a toothpick and a combination opener, all of which can be removed completely from the companion holder for easy individual use. In addition, you’ll find an awl, an 8x power lens magnifying glass and a compass. Finally, the back of the Credit Card Companion is adorned with inch and centimeter markings, allowing the entire holder to double as a ruler and miniature measurement device. The entire product costs less than twenty dollars and comes with a limited lifetime warranty from Tool Logic, making it a heck of a value.

Credit Card Companion Advantages

  • Top seller among multitools
  • Compact lightweight design make it easy to take anywhere
  • Fits your credit cards, ID and more
  • Features a retractable razor-sharp serrated blade
  • Also includes eight other essential everday tools

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