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Sometimes known simply as “Bags,” Corn Hole has swept the nation as one of the most enjoyable and accessible outdoor games for parties, tailgating and barbecues. With the perfect set of Corn Hole Bags, you’ll be ready to turn any event into a fun and competitive outing, with players of all ages able to get in on the excitement. Form teams of two and hone your skills with this outstanding set of Corn Hole Bags. It’s an awesome way to bring people together, entertain guests and infuse an otherwise droll event with a beloved activity that everyone can enjoy. There’s a reason that you can hardly attend a sporting event pre-game or day at the park without seeing several groups of people crowded around the bags boards.

While the name might sound like a euphemism initially, Corn Hole Bags gained that moniker for a very basic reason: The cloth bags used in the game were initially filled with corn, providing them with their soft and pliable consistency. Players would take these bags and toss them underhand to a board positioned 27 feet away at a slightly inclined angle. Typically there are two teams with two players each, alternatively taking turns throwing their corn hole bags at the opposing board. The goal is to land your bags on the board for one point, or ideally through the small hole on the board for three points. It’s easy to learn yet delightfully challenging to master.

The Best Corn Hole Bags Around

This set of Corn Hole Bags are an ideal choice for anyone who needs a high quality set to go along with their bags boards. Made from 12-ounce durable duck canvas material, they hold up under tough condition and extensive wear, and they’re great for playing on any surface, from grass to concrete to sand and more. Whereas some bags sets are filled with corn or beans, which can attract animals and critters in addition to being vulnerable to certain weather conditions, these Corn Hole Bags are filled with recycled plastic pellets that carry no such concerns. It isn’t hard to see why these bags have received such stellar feedback from customers, with 87 percent of reviewers scoring them a perfect five out of five stars.

Regulation Corn Hole Bags

The problem with buying Corn Hole Bags at large scale retailers is that they are often chintzy knock-offs intended to dupe shoppers that simply don’t know better. Oftentimes they are made out of inferior materials and they don’t have the proper size, shape or weight. Conversely, these weather resistant bags from SC Cornhole carry the official measurements for regulation corn hole, with dimensions of 6″ x 6″ and a weight between 14 and 16 ounces. They have the proper feel in terms of grip as well as weight and balance when you throw. This set comes with eight bags and is backed by a one year guarantee, so if anything goes wrong, they’ll happily replace any damaged bags.

Why Choose These Corn Hole Bags?

  • Add fun to any outdoor event with this friendly competitive activity
  • Regulation size and weight, providing the perfect feel
  • Made from durable duck canvas and filled with recycled plastic pellets for maximum durability
  • Weather resistant bags work great on any playing surface
  • Comes with a one-year guarantee for added peace of mind

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