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Take Your Ride On The Road

For active people who enjoy exploring new areas and breaking the exercise routine, Car Bike Racks are an indispensable tool, opening a wide world of possibilities for your rides. These deluxe car bike racks from Allen Sport fit two bicycles, so you can easily mount them on the back of your vehicle and travel to locations near and far for beautiful and challenging new paths and loops. No matter where you live, chances are that there are numerous acclaimed areas for cycling in your area that can be reached by car and then traversed by your bike. Team up with a friend or significant other to conquer new horizons and unlock unforgettable experiences while pushing your active lifestyle to the next level.

Many people worry that Car Bike Racks are too complicated or confusing to set up, or that securely mounting your back will be a challenge. With some models, that is undoubtedly true, but the two-bike trunk mount from Allen Sports comes fully assembled and takes only seconds to install. The rack features narrow set carry arms that enable you to easily load your bikes on, and the mount accommodates a huge range of different sizes and models of bicycle. Most traditional bikes, both men’s and women’s, will fit perfectly on the rack, whether road bikes or mountain bikes. Many children’s sizes also fit on the flexible and convenient 102DN carry arms. This is what car bike racks are supposed to be.

Car Bikes Racks For Any Vehicle Type

The Allen Sports Car Bike Racks are built for compatibility with a wide range of automobile types and sizes, so there’s a very good chance that this product will be a fit for you no matter what type of vehicle you drive. The patented single configuration design can mount the trunks of sedans, hatchbacks, SUV’s and minivans. You can enter your exact make and model here┬áto find out if your vehicle is suited for this accessory. A middle frame on the rack with padding provides buffer area to keep your car’s surface safe from dents or scratches. Because these car bike racks come fully assembled and are simple to attach to your vehicle, you can get them mounted in no time and be on your way to adventure.

Secure Car Bike Racks

Among car bike racks, you won’t find many that can secure two bikes in place as reliably as this one. Using a sophisticated tie-down system with two side straps in addition to the heavy-duty top and bottom straps, your bicycles are held in place tightly with fantastic lateral stability to prevent them from rattling around or coming loose. The trunk mount is crafted with premium durable components and comes with a lifetime warranty from Allen Sports, so you can have confident that the bike rack will hold up for years, through short trips across town or lengthy journeys across the country. With its versatility and affordability, the Allen Sports Deluxe Two-Bike Trunk Mount is one of the best car bike racks on the market.

Allen Sports Car Bike Rack Features

  • Comes fully assembled, fast and easy to set up
  • Fits on a wide range of vehicles, from sedans to mini vans
  • Securely holds bikes of many shapes, sizes and models
  • Patented tie-downs with side straps deliver a stable hold
  • Includes lifetime warranty from Allen Sports

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