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One of the most underrated aspects of health and wellness? Sleep. A good night’s rest benefits your body and especially your brain, so only the Best Sleep Mask will do when it comes to ensuring that you can block out external distractions and sleep peacefully through the night. This sleep mask from Nidra is the No. 1 rated option available and the top seller in the category, receiving high marks in terms of customer feedback while also carrying an extraordinarily reasonable price tag. It might be the best sleep mask out there but it’s still extremely affordable, marked down twice from its original list price of $21.95. If you buy today, you can secure yours for just $11.95. How much is good sleep worth to you?

We’re all familiar with the symptoms and disadvantages that come along with a poor night of res , and why choosing the Best Sleep Mask is important. The workday can be a real challenge when you’re struggling to keep your eyes open, lacking focus, forgetting important details and constantly filing back to the coffee maker for another mug of joe. Additionally, not getting enough sleep takes a toll on us physically, diminishing our body’s natural metabolism (key for weight management), aging our skin, and making us more prone to accidents and injury. Insufficient sleep also increases risk for serious health problems like heart disease, high blood pressure and stroke. Only the best sleep mask can be trusted to help combat inconsistent sleep.

Why Is Nidra’s The Best Sleep Mask?

You might be asking yourself just what separates this eye mask from Nidra from the rest of the competition and solidifies its standing as the Best Sleep Mask. It’s a combination of things, really. The mask covers your eyes and allows you to reliably sleep in complete darkness, eradicating the light exposure and visual stimuli that can interrupt your sleep cycle and cause a rough following morning. It’s the best sleep mask because it truly does block out all light, replicating the experience of sleeping in a pitch-black room with blackout curtains. If you sleep with someone who likes to have the TV on at night, or you have a street light shining into your window, or you find yourself frequently awakened early in the morning by sunshine peeking through the blinds, then the Nidra sleep mask is an option you need to look into.

Best Sleep Mask Comfort

This sleep mask from Nidra also provides inrivaled comfort while worn around your head, with an ultra-lightweight design and an adjustable strap to fit any head shape or size. This advanced sleep mask contours to the shape of your face for an optimal fit, and the molded cups within allow you to open your eyes and blink freely without that unwelcome feeling of eyelashes rubbing against and catching on the mask. This also prevents any makeup from smudging, or from any unwanted pressure being applied to your face. Nidra’s best sleep mask employs sophisticated ergonomic design in order to provide maximum comfort and effectiveness. Sleep well and feel better everyday.

The Best Sleep Mask Available!

  • Lightweight design contours to your face for premium comfort
  • Molded cups in the eyes allow you to blink without friction
  • Sleep in complete darkness and avoid light from awakening you
  • Enjoy increased focus, memory and sharpness thanks to better sleep
  • One of the cheapest sleep masks available today

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