Best Running Form Tips

Running is a great form of exercise, without question. Not only is distance running an excellent cardiovascular workout, but also strengthens and adds definition to the muscles in your legs such as the quadriceps, calves and glutes. But without incorporating proper running form tips, you can do some harm over the long haul, while not garnering the results you desire.

Today, we’ll go over some running form tips that will help you get the most out of your runs while also protecting your body from needless wear and tear. These will be helpful if you find yourself in pain at the end of your runs, or if you’re not getting the kind of distance and results you want.

Try out these running form tips next time you hit the treadmill or path for a jog and see if they help!

Use Support Accessories

Without a little help, running can hurt, and can lead to long-term injuries and conditions. Try using a Neoprene Knee Brace to support and protect your knees, or a Plantar Fasciitis Compression sleeve to stabilize your feet and reduce pain. There are many great accessories out there that can help with pain and aches in various areas of the body.

Run Upright

Posture can be an issue when it comes to exercising, so one of the most important running form tips is to be cognizant of every aspect of your form. Keep your back straight and avoid slouching. Keep your head upright. Your footwork should involve heels coming down first and then transitioning forward to the toe. Try to run on softer surfaces as opposed to hard concrete.

Get The Right Pair Of Shoes

If you run frequently, the investment in a quality pair of shoes will be very much worthwhile. There are several brands out there that specialize in running shoes, such as Brooks and ASICS. These companies design footwear that fits the foot comfortably and provides extra padding and cushion to protect your joints.

Relax Your Upper Body

The task of running long distances is made much more difficult when your upper body is tense and rigid. This is one of the more difficult running form tips to master because cardiovascular exercise tends to be intense and rigorous, but concentrate on keeping your shoulders and arms loose.

Work On Strengthening Your Core

To get the most out of your running workout, keep your core tight. Not only does this help improve technique, making it easier to stay upright and avoid letting your form slip, but it also can tighten your abs, pecs and obliques, leading to more comprehensive benefits from your runs.

Emphasize Recovery

One of the most important running form tips doesn’t actually relate to anything that happens during the run, but rather after. Once you’ve finished up your run, stretch out muscles like your hamstrings and calves, and apply ice to any joints that might be experience soreness. This helps you maintain flexibility and avoid inflammation.

Try using these running form tips and see how it affects the quality of your workouts!

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