Best Outdoor Winter Activities

When the weather gets cold around the country during this particular section of the calendar, fitness-minded people are always looking for the best outdoor winter activities to stay active and avoid cabin fever. Once the temperatures drop and snow hits the ground, your options for getting outside and moving around become far more limited.

That doesn’t mean there isn’t anything to do, however. Some of the best outdoor winter activities are the ones you might be overlooking. These provide excellent avenues for staying fit, and give you the opportunity to shake off winter doldrums and spend time with family and friends.

In order to stay away from that rut where chilly conditions force you inside, here are some of the best outdoor winter activities that we recommend.

Best Outdoor Winter Activities

Cold Weather Hikes And Bike Rides

Granted, when its snowy and icy out, going out for hikes can be a little bit trickier than on a sunny summer day. You need to stay warm and you often need to deal with snowy and slippery conditions. But when you’re properly prepared, hiking or cycling in the winter months can be one of the best outdoor winter activites you’ll find.

How to properly prepare? When going for a hike, you’ll be wise to grab a pair of Waterproof Mens Boots, which keep your feet dry and warm in any conditions, while also providing additional traction. Ensuring that you’re properly protected from the frigid temperatures with a thick, insulating jacket and a pair of baselayer pants is also critical. Hand warmers and electronic earmuffs can go a long way toward adding to your warmth and maintaining an optimal comfort level.

Cycling in the winter is very popular, and many people are able to commute to work on their bikes year-round even in cold-weather climates. As with hiking, the key is ensuring that you have the appropriate gear. That starts with the bike itself; a fat bike — which features thick tires specifically designed to yield maximum traction on snow and ice — is highly recommended. There are numerous accessories and apparel options that will help you keep you warm even while you ride into freezing winds at high speeds. In particulary, making sure your hands are covered with a good pair of gloves, and protecting your face with a warm mask, should be foremost considerations.

Boot Hockey

Ice hockey ranks among the most popular winter sports, but it isn’t the easiest to pick up and play, especially if you haven’t historically done so. Ice skating itself is a challenging activity to master, and doing it while also focusing on handling your stick and controlling a puck can present a particularly steep learning curve.

Conversely, boot hockey is much simpler to learn and is one of the best outdoor winter activities for general audiences. This version of hockey swaps out the ice skates for boots and replaces the puck with a tennis ball. This makes the sport not only far easier for players of all ages and skill levels to participate in, it is also a lot safer, because firing a tennis ball across the rink doesn’t entail the same kind of dangers as rock-hard disc-shaped hockey pucks, which have been known to knock out many a front tooth. With the lack of specialized equipment required, setting up a boot hockey game with a large group of players is far easier. Just find yourself a rink, a couple nets and some sticks and you’ll be ready to roll. Broomball is a similar and comparable alternative.

Cross Country Skiing

Everyone is familiar with downhill skiing and most have tried it out at one point or another. There’s no doubt that it can be a lot of fun. But it can also be very expensive to get lift tickets, and often times finding a good mountain or hill to ski means traveling a long way. Cross country skiing is an awesome winter activity that tends to get overlooked. It is an excellent cardiovascular workout, strengthening your legs, arms and core, and it is far easier to find good locations. Many cities have great cross country skiing tracks and you can easily chart out your own in any spacious nature setting. In terms of gear, all is required is a set of skis with poles and some warm clothing. To keep your eyes protected and your vision clear, a setĀ of Anti Fog Goggles are highly advised.

Try out one of these three choices that we’ve selected as the best outdoor winter activities and shake off those cold-weather doldrums!

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