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Atomic Beam FlashlightCamper’s Delight: Hands-On With Atomic Beam

I am very familiar with the Atomic Beam Flashlight. It is a highly acclaimed military-grade tactical flashlight, which uses advanced LED technology to produce a stunningly bright and versatile beam from its compact frame. I’ve held these tactical flashlights and briefly tooled around with them in our office. Up until recently, however, I had never had the opportunity to use an Atomic Beam LED Flashlight out in the field. That changed during a camping trip with friends last weekend. Eager to see this top rated tactical LED flashlight in action, I packed one up to bring along. Today, I’ll share some of my thoughts and experiences after unleashing this popular device in a setting that utilizes its full potential.

The first thing that stands out about the Atomic Beam Flashlight is its convenience and portability. I’ve been impressed with its compact size when holding it in the past, but you really cannot fully appreciate this aspect until you take it out with you. Measuring at just over five inches in length, and about 1.5 inches in width, it easily packs into any backpack or pouch. In practice, you can easily hold and aim the Atomic Beam Tactical Flashlight with just a couple of fingers. This makes it exceedingly easy to multi-task. I found myself starting a camp fire, cutting twine and searching for kindling with two hands while still getting a precision beam to light my way. I’m not exaggerating when I say it might be the handiest camping tool I have ever used. To learn more, and view package options, click below.

Atomic Beam Flashlight Review

The size is one thing, but the functionality of the Atomic Beam Flashlight is another. I’m very familiar with the bold claims that this and other military flashlights make about lighting capabilities, and I’ve always assumed that they were somewhat over the top. However, the Atomic Beam Tactical Flashlight truly does produce an astonishingly bright beam. During pitch-black late night conditions, I would shine the tiny flashlight into various areas and it was like they were bathed in sunlight. The range of the beam, and the radius of the area it illuminates, were truly incredible. My friends were amazed by the power of this compact handheld accessory.

Atomic Beam Flashlight Brightness

The Atomic Beam Flashlight uses a cutting-edge LED bulb capable of producing up to 5,000 Lux, which is a brightness factor that dwarfs standard flashlights (they usually reach about 125 Lux). When it comes to brightness and effective range, no other flashlight I have used out in the wilderness can really stack up. The Atomic Beam LED Flashlight is also impressively durable. You can tell that it’s a sturdy and well built piece of equipment just from holding it in your hand, but there were a couple of occasions where I dropped it onto hard surfaces, and it came away without a scratch. This is the advantage to a military tactical flashlight that is built with high-tech aircraft aluminum and premium circuitry. The Atomic Beam Flashlight is going to be there when you need it.

Atomic Beam Flashlight Features

  • Incredibly small and compact frame yielding maximum convenience
  • Most powerful and bright LED bulb on the market
  • Helpful features like a strobe setting, with adjustable zoom
  • Durable frame and premium construction allows it to withstand nearly anything
  • Most trusted brand in military-style tactical gear

Tactical Flashlight Self DefenseĀ Specs

There’s another reason people love these accessories, beyond the unparalleled effectiveness as a handheld lighting accessory. The Atomic Beam Tactical Flashlight also acts a crucial self defense tool. When I accidentally flashed the beam toward a friend’s face at our camp site, they were dazed and disoriented for several minutes due to the piercing brightness. This obviously speaks to the Atomic Beam’s capabilities to temporarily blind a hostile assailant or animal. The strobe lighting feature, easily activated with a couple of clicks, plays up the disorientation factor. The safety and peace of mind offered by the Atomic Beam Flashlight add to its allure as an indispensable survival tool.

Where To Get Atomic Beam Flashlight

Whether for camping, exploring outdoors, or simply ensuring you’re prepared around the household, the Atomic Beam Flashlight is an exceptional accessory. After wielding this flashlight over the course of a weekend, I’m a believer in its convenience and power. The price is definitely right, as well. I can see why someone would be willing to spend over $100 for an Atomic Beam LED Flashlight but fortunately, by accessing the site below, you can get one for much less. Take advantage of the great exclusive offers currently available for a limited time. If you want to put a big smile on the face of a friend or family member who is into survival tech or tactical gadgets, buy a couple and enjoy added savings. These specials won’t last long, so click below to get started.

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