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Astoria VRTop Smartphone VR Accessory

The future of entertainment is here. Virtual reality is quickly taking the world by storm, because it’s becoming increasingly accessible. Once upon a time, people needed expensive, clunky, specialized devices in order to immerse themselves in the world of VR. However, this is no longer the case. Astoria VR is a simple, affordable gadget that you can use in conjuction with almost any cell phone. This is the perfect gift for yourself, or any friend or family member who enjoys checking out the latest tech. There is really no experience quite like a 3D virtual reality immersion, so this is definitely an accessory you will need to try for yourself.

Astoria VR is a crucial step in the ongoing evolution of VR technology. The concept of virtual reality originated in 1950s sci-fi novels, and its iterations over the years are many. But only recently did the tech reach a point where it could become affordable to the average consumer. The Astoria VR Headset is able to eliminate the cost of displays and HD circuitry by allowing you to simply slide in your smartphone. This enables you to experience the content on your mobile device in completely different ways, while also taking advantage of unique apps and entertainment created specifically for VR.

How to Use Astoria VR

It’s really very simple. Once you get your headset, all you need to do is slide your phone into the designated slot, lock it in, and then enjoy the virtual reality entertainment. Astoria VR is compatible with most major cell phone brands, including iPhone, Samsung and HTC. Because mobile device display technology is at such a high point, these smartphones can deliver a lifelike and realistic experience. The visuals are crisp and HD. There are many different specific apps out there that fully utilize the VR features. Whether it’s a racing game, or a flight simulator, or a hang gliding enactment, the Astoria VR Headset places you in the action like no other product can.

How to Use Astoria VR

Not only can you use the Astoria VR Headset to enjoy specific VR apps, but it’s also compatible with various standard entertainment and content. For instance, you can watch your favorite movies and TV shows in a more riveting manner than ever before. You can also view sports events from a perspective that makes you feel like you’re right there in the stadium or arena. Additionally, activities like virtual national park tours and VR YouTube videos are extremely popular for virtual reality headset users. No matter what type of content you wish to consume, Astoria VR puts it all at your fingertips with a sleek design and simple user interface.

Astoria VR Headset Features

  • Easy to setup with no confusing instructions
  • Compatible with most major modern smartphones
  • Fully immersive 3D virtual reality experience
  • Cheapest high-quality headset available
  • Access hundreds of VR apps and games

A Deeper Look at the Astoria Headset

Just what aspects of the Astoria VR Headset make it such a premium and convenient accessory? Well, first of all, it is ergonomic and comfortable, which sets it apart from many other designs. With ample foam cushioning and high quality leather, it won’t dig into your scalp and start causing pain, even after lengthy periods of use. With focal and rotational adjustment knobs, the headset is completely customizable. Because of this, finding the right fit is a piece of cake. Furthermore, this accessory is extremely durable. A high tensile strength band holds it in place while sturdy construction lets you feel confident that this product will last for the long haul.

Where to Locate Astoria VR Discounts

As mentioned above, Astoria VR is the most affordable virtual reality headset available on the market today. However, you won’t always find it at the same low price. In order to ensure that you get the lowest Astoria VR cost available, click on the link below. You will find great deals, with savings that add up if you buy multiple units. There’s no better gift idea! Grab these deals while they last.

Astoria VR Reviews

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