20 Degree Sleeping Bag

Warmth, Comfort, Value!

Nothing beats a warm and cozy sleep on a cold night. The Brazos 20 Degree Sleeping Bag from Coleman delivers on all fronts in this regard, and is one of the best cold-weather sleeping bags on the market. Designed for temperatures anywhere between 20 and 30 degrees Fahrenheit, this insulated sleeping bag is completely machine washable and features Coleman’s revolutionary ComfortSmart technology. For any cool-weather camper, or anyone who might end up sleeping in chillier conditions, this is the perfect item to bring along. It goes beyond the standard sleeping bag with a number of extra functions and perks, while still coming in at a very reasonable price point.

This imported 20 Degree Sleeping Bag consists of 100 percent Polyester and fits most individuals up to six feet in height, with 33 inch by 75 inch dimensions. The sleeping bag has an ultra-comfortable inner lining that is soft and well padded, with four pounds of ColeTherm insulation providing unrivalled protection from the elements. This product is developed and manufactured by Coleman, a company with a strong reputation for innovation with its popular lines of coolers, airbeds, grills and more. When it comes to camping and outdoors accessories, there is no more trusted brand when it comes to quality and ingenuity. This sleeping bag comes with a limited five-year warranty protecting against any kind of defects.

Advanced Comfort With 20 Degree Sleeping Bag

The Brazos 20 Degree Sleeping Bag includes a number of sophisticated features that set it apart from the competition and solidify its status as one of the best camping accessories around. The patented ZipPlow system is designed for easy zipping with no snags on fabric or material. Chances are that if you’ve used a sleeping bag before you’ve had frustrating issues with this, making it a very welcome addition. Additionally, ZipperGlide Tailoring helps you smoothly control the zipper around corners and Roll Control locks the 20 Degree Sleeping Bag in place for easy rolling, making it much more simple to pack up and transport than any standard model. FiberLock prevents the insulation from shifting around and promotes long-lasting durability.

The Most Comfortable 20 Degree Sleeping Bag?

There are many sleeping bags built for colder temperatures but few if any can match the comfort and reliability of Coleman’s 20 Degree Sleeping Bag. The product has been independently tested for temperature accuracy and carries a Certified Temperature Rating to ensure that you’ll be protected in from the chill. A comfort cuff near the top opening helps surround your face with softness and warmth, providing full-body coziness. And the QuickCord system makes it shockingly easy to pack up and store the 20 Degree Sleeping Bag, with no tying or tangles required. In terms of effectiveness and ease of use, the Brazos 20 Degree Sleeping Bag wins in a big way.

20 Degree Sleeping Bag Perks

  • Extreme comfort and reliable warmth in chilly conditions
  • Advanced zipper technology makes it easy to zip with no snags
  • Completely machine washable
  • Built for lasting durability
  • Simple to roll up and store thanks to Roll Control and QuickCord

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