1Tac Flashlight Review

1Tac FlashlightTC1200 Tactical Flashlight Review

The 1Tac Flashlight is a small accessory that delivers huge power. Considering the buzz that surrounds this model, we are taking a look at some of its features and specifications today. How does it really compare to the standard flashlight, as well as other tactical flashlights on the market? Does it live up to its claims as both a safety essential and self-defense tool? How much does the 1Tac Flashlight cost and it is worth its price? In our tactical TC1200 tactical flashlight review, we will look into each of these items to determine how this military style tactical accessory measures up.

Firstly, let’s take a look at the reason military tactical flashlights such as the 1Tac Flashlight have become so popular. It is a technology that only recently became available to the public. Previously, these tools were used only by professionals within fields such as military and law enforcement. Because of the purpose of use, the design is extremely high-end and built for maximum reliability and output. The 1Tac Flashlight uses the brightest and most advanced LED bulb to produce brightness and range unmatched by other models. The sophisticated construction and circuitry makes the TC1200 Tactical Flashlight an extremely popular choice among survival enthusiasts and other consumers. Learn about pricing details through the link below.

1Tac Flashlight Technology

We see a number of military grade tactical flashlights. They are very popular devices because they can easily be held in the palm of your hand, and boast immense lighting power and features. The 1Tac Flashlight utilizes an XM L2 Real CREE bulb, which not only produces a blindingly bright beam but also has stunning lasting power. Each bulb boasts 100,000 hours of lamp life, which means that just one of these tactical flashlights will probably last you as long as you need. The TC1200 Tactical Flashlight offers an adjustable beam with precision optical zoom up to 1,000 feet. Of all the flashlights we have reviewed, none offer that kind of variable focus, making this one perfect for lighting large darkened areas such as rural properties and woods.

1Tac Flashlight Military Style

The durable construction of the 1Tac Flashlight is another stand-out quality. The casing consists of the same ultra-strong aluminum as aircrafts, meaning that this flashlight is nearly indestructible. The hard lotus head makes it an excellent self defense item for instances in which that is necessary. The highly bright beam also serves as a deterrent because it can have a blinding and disorienting effect when pointed toward someone’s face. These are nice added perks that provide peace of mind to an individual who is carrying around a 1Tac Flashlight with them. Since the device is only 5 inches long and less than 1.5 inches wide, keeping it on hand is very easy.

1Tac Flashlight Selling Points

  • Small and compact design for easy portability
  • Powered by industry-leading XM L2 Real CREE LED bulb
  • Various lighting modes and zoom features for maximum adjustability
  • Built with high-quality components and parts
  • Most popular military tactical flashlight

It Is All In The LED Flashlight Bulb

Most tactical flashlights use similar casing materials, as the aircraft aluminum is now an industry norm. What really differentiates the varying models is the LED bulb. Using a lower-quality option can save manufacturers a lot of money, but it is a disservice to the user. These bulbs do not project the same range and brightness, and they also burn out much faster. The XM L2 Real CREE LED component within the 1Tac Flashlight is the same one used in military operations and police procedures. It is the strongest and longest-lasting LED available. When choosing a military tactical flashlight, it is definitely worth paying a little more for a superior model in this case.

1Tac Flashlight Cost

The general price range for these military style tactical flashlights is between $50 and $100. You can find some imitator brands that use inferior materials for around $30 but we recommend staying away from those, unless you want to be shopping for another in about six months. At a price of $56 for a single unit (with the current discount applied), the 1Tac Flashlight falls at the low end of typical cost. If you want to grab an additional one for a friend or family member, you can get addition savings on the TC1200 Flashlight by purchasing in bulk. Click below for information on these specials.

1Tac Flashlight Discount Offers

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