1Hydro Water Bottle

1Hydro Water BottleFiltered Water On The Go!

The most innovative and impressive new item for outdoors enthusiasts and explorers might have just arrived. The 1Hydro Water Bottle, with its instant portable filtration capabilities, turns almost any water source into a healthy and safe drinkable liquid. Previously people had to lug around giant heavy water bottles on their travels, therefore burdening them along the way. No more. Now, with the help of this incredibly effective companion, you can drink from any stream, lake or even puddle. And while these sources can prove dangerous on their own, the 1Hydro Water Bottle Pro Filtration System removes any such concerns.

Staying hydrated during any camping, hiking or adventure is vitally important. Because if your body starts to run low on fluids, it leads to all sorts of issues. You can run low on energy, lose focus, and struggle to continue moving forward. Natural water sources are, of course, widely available in most areas where these types of activities take place. However, these can come full of harmful properties such as bacteria and parasites. 1Hydro Water Bottle is a portable water filler and filtration device that effectively removes the vast majority of such materials, leaving you with clean, tasty and safe water to refuel your body and mind.

How Does 1Hydro Water Bottle Work?

From the outside, 1Hydro Water Bottle looks like most other plastic liquid containers. However, within the bottle is a built-in filtration straw, which uses advanced techniques to filter and cleanse water. This filter consists of a hollow fiber membrane, with is free of chemicals or BPA. The 1Hydro Water Pro Filtration System rates extremely well, eliminating 99.9999 percent of all waterborne bacteria as well as 99.9 percent of parasites. This long-lasting device will handle up to 400 gallons of water before requiring any replacement parts. When you take a helping of cloudy, gross-looking water and run it through the bottle, you will be absolutely stunned by how clear it comes out on the other side.

How 1Hydro Water Bottle Works

Whereas carrying around a bottle or jug of water is heavy and cumbersome, the empty 1Hydro Water Bottle weighs only six ounces. That’s about one-third of a pound, or roughly the equivalent of one single bottle. This water bottle filter is also compact and extremely portable. It comes with an integrated compass (perfect for staying on track as you move about) and an attached wristband, so you’ll never lose it. There’s no complex assembly necessary because everything comes exactly as you need it. The bottle capacity is 650ml, so one filling will provide plenty of hydration keep you going.

1Hydro Water Bottle Features

  • Removes 99.9999% of bacteria and 99.9% of protozoan parasites
  • Effective against dangerous agents like E-Coli and Giardia
  • Portable, lightweight and easy to pack
  • Filtration system can handle nearly 400 gallons of water before replacement
  • Available at 75 percent discount for a limited time

Perfect For Emergencies

In today’s world, it’s important to prepare for anything. We never know what is going to happen, or when a catastrophic event may occur. Some people choose to load up on bottled water for such instances, but this can be a pain in terms of storage and practicality. Additionally, such supplies are finite. However, the 1Hydro Water Bottle is reusable and will enable you to utilize virtually any water source for hydration. Many people buy a few units in order to ensure they will be ready for the long haul in the event that an emergency strikes.

1Hydro Water Bottle Review

This is without question a tremendously useful and handy product. It’s really something that anyone can use and benefit from. Drinking water straight from the Earth is dangerous and hazardous, but the easy-to-use 1Hydro Water Bottle Pro Filtration System removes the risk. If you are a camping or hiking enthusiast, we very highly recommend this product. Click below in order to access the 1Hydro Water Bottle sale and claim yours with a 75 percent discount.

1Hydro Water Bottle Review

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