Genesis V2100

Genesis v2100Ride In Style With The Genesis V-2100!

The Genesis V2100 is the answer for people looking for a solid ride at a budget price.  It manages to combine a nice, aluminum mountain bike frame, with a full suspension, and 26″ wheel set for a bike that can take on just about anything.  Best of all?  It’s nearly half the price of other entry-level mountain bikes.  But that’s not to say they’re skimping on the features.  This one manages to include disc brakes. alloy rims, and a few nice Shimano components.  These alone would cost you more than the bike if you bought them separately.  If you’re interested in learning more about the Genesis v2100, click the image above!

The Genesis V2100 will get you on the trail and riding for cheaper than most entry level bikes, and does it with some solid components and a sturdy frame that’s available in a variety of attractive colors.  It’s lightweight, features a 21 speed drive train, and stops on a dime with a front Promax disk brake.  This is a solid bike that offers solid, entry-level performance and one that can leave you with a few bucks in your pockets for upgrades and repairs.  If you want to start shopping prices, click the link below!

Genesis V2100 26″ Components

The 26″ Genesis V2100 comes standard with a 26″ full-suspension mountainbike frame that uses four bar linkage to maintain a solid, and adaptable frame.  The frame comes available in a variety of colors, so make sure to pick one you like.  Additionally, it uses a steel riser MTB handlebar set, that gives it snappy response,.  The front fork suspension carries an 80mm travel, which is more than enough for most terrain you’ll be taking it on.  In the back, a coil 80mm suspension gives it more cushion for tough terrain.

Genesis v2100 Reviews

Genesis V2100 Reviews

Most of the reviews you’ll find online are fairly positive for this one, with the biggest complaint being the lack of a rear disc brake, and the 26″ wheel base.  But these aren’t really things that bothered us.  In fact, the drum brake on the rear proved more than capable for this one.  Additionally, the 26″ wheel set was responsive, and gave a nice agile feel to the whole bike.  The biggest positive we’ve seen in reviews has been praise for the components.  While the shocks are no-name, they’re suitable for the job, and the Shimano components elsewhere go a long way toward picking up the slack.  This is a nice bike for the price.

Genesis V2100 Benefits:

  • Great Budget Bike
  • Stylish Appearance,
  • Nice, Heavy-Duty Frame
  • Snappy, Lightweight Design
  • Great Value For Price

Shop The Genesis V2100 Amazon Store!

If you’re ready to save a bundle, and still get a decent bike out of it, click the banner below to start shopping prices on the Genesis V2100.  This one is at an already reduced price, and represents a low price for some really solid components.  If you’re looking for something a little more high-end, definitely check out the Diamondback Axis Comp, it recently got a nice price drop, and is ready to drop in on any trail.  Thanks for reading and remember to like, favorite and share!

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