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In this Fitbit Charge HR Review, we will take a look at one of the most popular activity wristbands on the market. It’s the number one best seller in the category and we don’t have a difficult time seeing why. Fitbit has been developing products in this space for quite a long time, and their numerous advancements and innovations have led them to a product that really delivers on several fronts. The Charge HR band looks good, feels comfortable, and comes equipped with all the bells and whistles that you could hope for in a such a product. If you’re interested in fitness and tracking your daily activities, this item is one you’re definitely going to want to look into.

Every Charge HR Review, whether from professional electronics analysts or consumers, seems to agree that this is a high-quality product with industry-leading performance. A sleek black band with a subtle yet robust OLED display that lights up for easy visibility at any time of day or night, the Fitbit Charge wristband succeeds in one area where many fail: aesthetics. This is no clunky device that you’ll want to hide under the cuff of your sleeve. It looks good and and it feels good, consisting of a smooth and comfortable material and offering many different sizes of fit thanks to a customizable strap. The Fitbit Charge HR is a clear top contender among activity wristbands.

Fitbit Charge HR Review: Heart Rate

No Charge HR Review would be complete without focusing on the aspect that differentiates this product from others in Fitbit’s extensive line of fitness trackers: the heart rate monitor. The Charge HR uses PurePule technology to continuously track your heart rate automatically, presenting heart zone categories to show where you land compared to where you want to be. Those cumbersome chest straps that have often been used by fitness enthusiasts for tracking heart rate are a thing of the past. Our Charge HR review loves the fact that PurePulse is able to draw accurate readings at any time of day or night, providing you with highly useful insights whether you’re exercising or simply going about your daily tasks.

High Scores On The Charge HR Review

There are plenty of features that we love about this device beyond the heart rate monitoring capabilities, and they bear mentioning in our Charge HR review. The wristband tracks numerous other items that are pertinent to your health and fitness, such as steps taken, calories burned, stairs climbed and overall activity duration. It monitors your sleep and can awaken you peacefully with a silent vibrating alarm. The Charge HR syncs with your smartphone, opening a number of great features such as goal-setting, meal logging and progress tracking. Plus, a built-in caller ID enables you to look down at your wrist and see who’s calling without needing to pull your phone out of your pocket or bag. The Charge HR carries one of the most well rounded feature sets of any fitness tracking band we have seen, making it a great value at its price point.

Final Charge HR Review Takeaways

  • Continuously and automatically monitors heart rate with PurePulse
  • Tracks steps taken, floors climbed, calories burned and more
  • Sleep monitoring features can drastically improve your rest cycles
  • Sync with your smartphone for added functionality and caller ID
  • Small, sleek, comfortable and durable

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Fitbit Charge Review

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